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Friday, June 24, 2005


Okay, I will admit it…. I see how this blog thing could be addictive. My good girl friend turned me on to this blogging stuff, and she insists that I will become addicted to publishing my thoughts on to the web.

SideNote: More on her later. If I forget somebody remind me. Cause dat nigger is a blog by itself.

I spent part of my night planning this next post. I may have to set up a plan so that this shit wont take away from my LIFE.

I was flipping through the TV channels, as I was getting ready to be late for work. I flip past several strings of women programming channels. You know them as Lifetime and such. The programming is the same, the story always starts with some good average type woman, some times she is married with a good family or she is single with a great career. Then something goes wrong; she gets cancer, her husband leaves, she gets hooked on drugs, its one or the other. Then we watch her hit bottom, only to rise up again and struggle through to find another form of happiness. Women love these stories, these little 2hr mini drama; I think they just like to see someone’s life screwed up worse than their own.

See I know the woman television market is big time, but damn why brothers don’t have a channel. I mean there are stations for every demographic except for black males.

I would probably say blacks in general but I am going to focus on what I envision the first black male television programming station would contain.

SideNote: Don’t think that sports channels are Men's channels cause every brother has his favorite sport and team, and unless that channel is dedicated to that team and sport I aint watching it all the time.

Okay lets see I will start with morning programming.
6:00 Brother News
In depth analysis of things that affect brothers. Information on who is hittin that chick on the movie you saw the other night. All the sports scores, and boxing matches. Then like a weather forecast type deal. All the local brothers in trouble, any local chick that’s been run through, city social information. Important stuff. Shit that you need to be up on. Plus some shit on how to fix your credit.

6:15 Cartoons
Some old G.I. Joe type issue, some transformers, and Fat Albert for sure.

8:30 Ass Out
That Chick from OutCast Video, and Serena Williams walking around doing shit in they’re panties. Washing cars and having pillow fights.

9:30 InterNext
A computer show that gives u all the info and critiques on good blogs, sites, and places to get cheat codes on some video games. Spots to download some good porn, good albums, and ways to fix your credit.

10:30 GoodTimes, Sanford and Son,

11:30 The Videos
Play the videos on BET Uncut or After Dark…what ever it is, that shit is tight.

1:00 Old School Wrestling.
That new shit is truly gay. I am talking bout Sting, the four Horsemen, old Hogan, SuperFly Jimmy, and JunkYard Dog.

2:00 Movie Hour
Now I got to run Scarface, Sugar Hill, New Jack City, Goldie, Action Jackson, some Star Wars and Indiana Jones type movies.

SideNote: The real killer movie…and you heard it here first…. King Of New York…. If you haven’t seen it pick it up and check it out.

4:00 Back to them after dark or uncut videos

5:00 Kung Fu movies
5 Deadly Venoms and them type, not this new Jet Li shit…. which is good but I want to see Drunken Crane Style KungFu

7:00: Naked Hoes
Any pictures of some bad bitches that somehow always seem to get on the Internet. Maybe interview with the dudes that put them out. Especially the non-famous chicks. How do they end up on the net?

8:00 Afternoon Sports

8:30 The Wire
Nuff Said

9:30 Dave Chappel Show
Nuff Said

11:00 Talk Show
Bring back Sinbad…or maybe That first dude who did the Vibe talk show.

12:00 Some girls gone wild infomercials the ones with Snoop.
Plus some infomercials on how to fix your credit.


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