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Friday, July 15, 2005

A Friday Ramble

Have not posted in a minute. My life kinda got turned on its ear but I shall persevere.
Oddly enough, I don’t even want to write about it. I am sure that once I get past this “mildly” emotional phase, I will be able to objectively view this entire event, and learn, and grow.

But I really have a quick issue to discuss for Friday.


I dance. I like to dance. . In fact I will say, “Without fear of contradiction” that I dance well. I go from the old man two-step, to dropping whatever, swing-out, hand dance, whatever I can do it…well.

Now it has sadly come to my attention that a trend is sweeping this nation.

I was watching Good Morning America this morning and I stumbled upon the exact new object of my growing frustration. GMA decided to have a competition to find America’s best dancer. Similar to the “Dancing With The Stars” show on ABC.

Out of the entire country they came up with 4 finalists, all of which were white.

Come the f*ck on! In all of America all you could find was a bunch of white people to showcase dance in today’s culture. I beg to differ.

Obviously I understand that aint to many of us watching GMA to enter, but still. I could have taken a video of the little dude who stayed two apartments down from me in my old complex, during their last apartment held family reunion.

SideNote: They held “Family Reunions every other weekend, or at least they seemed like it, cause ever nigga in Louisiana was out there… Calling each other cuz, taking my parking spot, cussing in earshot of my daughter, leaving bottles, and the tobacco remnants of Black/N/Mild cigars, and other charred vegetable matter... Oh, and asking me whatever legal questions that came to their mind, centering around how to get they cousin out of jail.

Anyway, this little guy must have been about four or five at the most. I think someone was slipping a little MD in his juice box, cause this little dude would breakout into a dance routine combining hip hop, gutter south, break dance, and whatever the cats was doing in “You Got Served”. Even though all he was ever dressed in was a pair of shorts and a dirty white t-shirt, which really looked like a onesie.

But for this latest dance craze that is sweeping America, this repetitious, choreographed, hip hop rip off, I blame Janet Jackson.

See she was the first one to reduce dancing to a series of hand moves gestures and prop manipulation. I blame her for making dancing boring, or at the least un-spontaneous. Next time you watch a video, or a TV show with some “dancers” don’t watch the shoulders, the hands, the heads, watch their lower body. No movement, I guarantee.

SideNote: I admit that some of that stuff on “Served” was kinda wild. But was it dancing. They were feats, stunts, contortions, but was it dancing?

Case in point,” Justin Timberlake” the coolest white boy on the planet. Maybe Jamiroquai could fit in but definitely Justin. He can dance a little; I give him a little on that. But could you see him doing some Hammer dance moves. I mean for real. Poor dude would not know what to do with himself.

Dance moves can be taught but dancing, rhythm is internal.

MJ was at his best when he was walking down a lighted sidewalk with a sparkle glove on.
Prince did his own thing, which we all loved, even if them ass-out pants were a little bit questionable.

Kid-n-Play, Kwame, a lot of them kats from “Served”, Even that dude at your local club who is just dancing way to hard not to be getting paid.

So back to GMA. The little kid that won was a 12 year old tap dancer. And ya boy was getting off.

It was the best SAVION GLOVER imitation I have ever seen.


  • At 2:29 PM, Blogger Dee said…

    I feel ya!!! I lub to dance too!!!
    I always tease my oldest son(17) boy that's not this( as I bust out the cabbage patch,smurf,runnin man) LOL

    me and my boys dance ALL the time!!! While we are cleaning.when our fav tune comes on!!!

    great post!!

  • At 11:09 AM, Blogger Gunner Kaufman said…

    I have to admit, i was a hard core dancer in my "youth" and i agree with you..we very well might be losing it. But the 12 y.o. tap dancer?? that burns me up!! ALmost as bad as SAVION's limited run...and those silly ass memebers of the paler nation who did the long running show(3 years) STOMP. Then again, maybe its just me.


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