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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Closet Journal

Closet Journal.

August 26, 2005.

Went to New Orleans to see the Saints play the Ravens. We got blasted, but it is only the preseason, we will get it together, this will be the year. Got to have faith.

Never understood why people will sit in seats that they are not ticketed for, especially grown folk. Then when the rightful seat owner arrives, you check your ticket as if to indicate that somehow you were mistaken, or there has been some mix up at the ticket office, or I must have the wrong seat. Go ahead, look at the seat number, its underneath. Yeah, I know you are sorry, now move.

Jackass only moves two seats over, shyte I know them aint your seats either.

Also went to the Casino. Not much of a gambler, but they have a new club in the Casino, live dancing and singers. Almost feels like Vegas.

Doing my fantasy football draft Friday. Can’t decide if I will try and grab, T. Owens, or R. Moss maybe even M. Harrison as my top receiver.

Staying at the in-laws house in New Orleans East.

Watched the weather last night, mentioned something about a Hurricane, killing 2 people. Hmmm.

August 27,2005.
Draft day is here. Got to get my drinks together, my food. I left the directions in BR.

Just got a call from my Pops.
“Hey son what you got up for today”
“Draft party, should I get T. Owens or M. Harrison as my first WR?”
“You Coming by the house to me and your brother are going to the movies”
“Nah, draft party dude”
“What about later?
“I’ll see, I am in New Orleans”
“What?!?!?!?! Son, get the hell from down there, there is a Hurricane coming”

Okay, so I was sleeping on the hurricane, but damn looks like it is headed this way. But I got plenty of time, still going to my draft.

I grab D. McNabb as my QB and D. McAllister as my RB. C. Johnson is my WR. Oh well sounds like a start.

Nother call from my Dad, I don’t understand why he can still call and cuss me sometimes…I better get my ass out of N.O. This storm is looking crazy.

Finally got home, My father and mother-in-law are 2hrs behind me. I took 1-12 out of Slidell (the Back Way).

My father/mother/bother/sister-in-law arrive. Traffic was a beast. This Storm Katrina is looking kinda serious. I think we might get a direct hit. Nothing new for us though, we are used to preparing for Hurricanes, this is just par for the course.

The total in my house is 7.

My in-laws were headed to Houston but somehow the reservations got gummed up. I offer my spot “because they is family”.

August 28, 2005

The rest of my in-laws call, they are just making it out of New Orleans. They Will need to stop by my house for a little while.

My in-laws arrive and the siege is on!
Grandfather/grandmother in-law
Aunt/uncle/and their 2 kids in-law
Cousin and her 4 kids in-law
Second Cousin and his wife in form Kentucky on Vacation in-law

All total that makes twenty people.

I don’t have a twenty-person house. I don’t have 7-person house. Luckily my Mom gave me some garage sell air mattresses a year ago that I hid from my wife to keep. Luckily I had stocked up on water and other supplies. Luckily….

Okay, here is the real. My in-laws from New Orleans talk about me so bad cause I am from the “sticks”. Well, well, well luckily for them, their son-in-law lives in the sticks so they could be high and dry, out of a shelter, saving money that would have been spent on a hotel. He who laughs last….

The storm really looks bad. We are going to take a direct hit. I have been around for direct hits but none of this size and magnitude. I am worried for those who are still in harms way. News reports show people in cars on the interstate.

August 29, 2005
The storm hits!
More on that later so stay tuned!!!!


  • At 11:35 AM, Blogger Serenity23 said…

    Good job letting us in your head. Now I'm curious to see what happens when 20 folks are in your house and the storm actually hits.

  • At 6:17 PM, Blogger Brotha Buck said…

    Oh wow. YOu haven't posted an update. Hope everything turned out ok!


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