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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Dark Side Wins Again

Okay homophobes, what is the damn deal.

Sheryl Swoopes is gay!

First thing I have to say about this is no f*cking joke!
Look at the chic. Look at her profession. I hate to say it but most of the chicks on that level probably been there and did that.

Now that I got your attention let me explain my reasoning.

Remember the female Physical Education teacher back in Elementary, Middle School, and High school. Let me if any of these names sound familiar, Coach Jo, Coach Stein, they never had flowery pretty names. I think they even had a little group that always hung together. She had short hair, she wasn’t married and she barked orders like a drill sergeant. She had an obvious disdain for the male knuckleheads in the class. She always took a special liking to the best female athlete in the class. In fact once she took some young girl under her wing, all the girl every did from there on out was hang in and around the gym.

I think it was a little more to all of that than just the standard mentor deal going on.

Plus that athlete, once recruited, kinda gave up on the rest of being a girl. Showed up at parties barely putting forth the effort to even look feminine. She had obviously been inducted into the cult of lesbianism.

Now fast forward to adult hood. Here is the same girl/woman who gave up on dudes years ago. Woman athletes, all raised in generally the same manner surround her. What choice does she have?

So again what did you expect! Besides the truth of the matter is all woman have that very same ability to go to the dark side. It is not that big a deal to be a lesbian. I am not just speaking as a man on this one.

Maybe I am, maybe it is my secret desire that all woman are closet lesbians. Maybe I am the typical man that thinks that woman having sex with each other is some hot shyte. Maybe I still long for the days long past, wherein my freedom allowed me to experience all the rich and vast sexually offerings currently acceptable in today’s climate. Maybe I am just a freak.

More the point of this whole issue; Sheryl Swoopes now says that she chose to be a lesbian. Finally, someone who isn’t scared to truly come out of the closet.

See, I am a nurture kinda guy. I believe it is environment and upbringing that contributes lots to a person’s sexual makeup. I don’t believe we are born with sexual tendencies hetero or homo. Little kids are at most asexual. They learn what to find attractive from observing their environment and relating to it.

My thinking is that 80% of all people with gender identity issues have been subjected to some form of deviant sexual behavior at some point in their young lives. As a matter of course as our society relaxes more and more of the restrictions we place on behavior, we create a more oversexed population. Which eventually leads to deviant sexual behavior.

I may be wrong but I doubt it!

Last thing, I have noticed a trend lately on my web travels. Some people blog reverently. Suggesting that conversations on topics of certain natures are well beneath their blogs. Cool, its your blog, do what you do!

Then I happen to run across comments on other blogs by the “Holy Bloggers” that well simply put are really “gully”.
Damn is that what they call contradictions.

Don’t get me wrong. Please feel free to express yourself. Let it all hang out or in. But don’t liter cyberspace with your riff raft and expect your yard not to contain debris. Plainly put!

So if I have offended again, I IS SORRY! I hope you can take a little banter with my electronic offering this morning, if not please let me know.


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