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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Flags, Freedom, Slavery, All that!

This started as a response to a post by a friend, it ended here.

Well, freedoms, rights, hmmm.

I understand your point, but I beg to differ. For a person to use the freedom of speech argument to thinly veil a racist agenda, I have a problem.

Everyone has to recognize the truth for what it is. It is not a freedom of speech argument it is racism. These people who suggest wanting to have ties with there Southern past, their “Roots” (pardon the pun), are lying to our faces.

How can you want to relieve your past and hold on to your Southern roots when those roots include vile and disgusting acts. The confederate flag merely marks a time when the South refused to honor the covenants of the Union of America. There were many issues that caused this split and dissension, but one main area was Slavery.

You want to claim your rich a glorious southern past. Claim it all then. Claim your ancestors part in Slavery. Slavery is as much if not more a part of the South’s History as gentleman charms, sweeping oaks, and an agricultural legacy. If that is what you claim, then cool pay reparations bitch! In fact I will go further to suggest that but for slavery the South would not be half the civilized, productive, and influential region of the Country that it is today.

Before the industrial revolution, large areas of land could not be maintained without large workforces. However, farming is not the most profit intensive venture, especially staple farming. In order for commercial farming to succeed there had to be a different set up. In essence farmers could only succeed in one of three ways.
1. Have a large family (to work the farm)
2. Grow items that could be directly consumed to support
the farmer himself.
a. vegetables, and staples would fall in this category,
3. Garner a large workforce, pay them little to nothing in
wages, and secure their employment through legislation, and

In case you missed it that last one is also know as SLAVERY. Also could be called Migrant workers, but that is another story.

So if the freedom you wish to express sets heavily on the torture, rape, inhumanity, then please don’t be offended by adjectives like, cracker, racist, red neck azz bubba.

I will for the record admit that I didn’t attend the march. I well believe that Marching had its purpose, and achieved many goals. But if you want to show people you mean business, if you really want to make these kinda people understand, hit them where it really hurts. There pockets.

Leave LSU. You were never wanted there in the first place. But now that the cat is out of the bag…leave. Spend your going to college dollars elsewhere. Dont by LSU stuff, dont support the LSU Alumni. Go to a black university, or at least a university that respects all of its students. They don’t respect the black student population at all. Yeah they need ya for football and basketball, but you pose no force academically. You non-atheletes are expendable.

Don’t believe me, try making a flag demonstrating anti-Jewish sentiment (swastika). Or better yet, start a group and flag for people sympathizing with the Muslim Arab plight in the World. Tell them your original people where from Muslim religious areas and you are just supporting your true heritage.

It is kinda a shame though. Even blacks confined to a small area, with similar purposes, for four years lack solidarity. The least you could have done, even if you didn’t support there cause, is not display acts that show your non-support. BBQ, Hip-Hop music, in the face of protest to protect your rights. Well I guess yall gave them that round. Wonder why they call ya nigga? See above!


  • At 10:29 AM, Blogger Dee said…

    DAM!!!! That was DEEP!!!! Well said!!!

  • At 10:38 AM, Blogger Antonio said…


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  • At 11:05 AM, Blogger Serenity23 said…

    Where do I start exactly? As many ills that were caused or are continuing to be caused by slavery and racism is one thing, but to "reprimand" me for not joining into a battle that I don't care to is ridiculous? Every black person doesn't share the same sentiment. I thought you would have known that. Just like we don't all look alike. Perhaps, you're problem/issue with blacks attending predominantly white universities has some "personal" significance. What you and the other protesters fail to realize is this, just like you took my blog post and rebutted/refuted my sentiments, I am entitled to ignore/refute your sentiments regarding a damn flag. People have to chose their battles and while to you, flying a flag may be one you chose to support, I don't. There are other ills in society that could trump this infraction by white supporters at a football game. Perhaps your time would be well spent lobbying the neighborhood HBCU for an investigation into why "your" leaders consistently embezel funds that are earmarked for the university. Perhaps it might be of interest to you to determine why some areas/departments aren't accredited? And furthermore, maybe you should engage in a protest to ensure that no other innocent students are shot at a football game. While I'm sure you have a strong devotion to your local HBCU and garnering support for reparations, this battle isn't one that I care to join. And it all boils down to each individual being responsible for themselves and making their own decisions. Am I entitled to that or would you like to protest that?

  • At 11:07 AM, Blogger Sonnyredd said…

    So, because 'white folks' don't want us somewhere, we should up and leave? Tell me what flight back to the 'mother land' you're on.

    What 'rights' were being protected by the march? The right to be free of a symbol of slavery? Where's that in the Constitution, cause I missed it?

    Some of us see the 'flag' as an issue. Sometimes, as in SC, it is. Here, it is a bunch of inbred swamp billies showing their "inbred-ed-ness". there are real issues probably on LSU's campus, like graduation rates, that need addressing first.
    just my $.02.

  • At 11:47 AM, Blogger Butter Pecan said…

    I agree with Sonnredd, b/c white folks want you to go somewhere else you are supposed to. I think not. I think LSU is a very good school regardless of who attends. Every where you go some day and time you are gonna have to deal with racism or other similar issues. I fell you have the right to do as you please, people are always gonna judge you whether they know you are not. The flag was a issue to some and others there was no worry. The ones that want to protest continue on, but you cannot force someone to protest when the issue at hand is not a big issue to them.

  • At 1:25 PM, Blogger Closet Owner said…

    Dont miss the point. Understand your true relationship. If you dont feel it is an issue...that is fine. But actions that lend themselves to disrespect or disdane should be avoided. Parting next to a protest, real class, if anything move that chicken to the other side or campus.

    I know many of the indoctrined youth consider a fight for rights a choice, and I guess they are right. I am just glad that when Martin and others saw a wrong, they chose to do something about it...because I am sure the BBQ and Watermelon was good back then too.

    Problem is, we get mad when retired school teachers get they asses whipped in the quaters, and poor blacks are left to die under the interstate in New Orleans...because thats Racist and wrong!

    Believe you me those thoughts come from somewhere. An institution of higher learning...a rebel flag... you dont see the problem.

    We have come to far in this on or own to think that all is well.
    What say someone call your child a nigga, or treat him bad because of his race. Any problems there? What if it was your friends child, oh it doesnt affect you so its all good.

    What makes you think I dont discuss black college campus issues. I was responding to your post. Sorry if I was expressing myself without a flag that says I dont respect you.
    Further, to suggest that I relegate my discussions to black issues on black campuses something I should only care about, certainly seems to suggest that you feel like your confederate alumni brothern...

    Never said I would march. Just said I would not have set up tents next to the protest and why. I more in favor of the recent French method of protesting.

    Further, by the university accepting such behavior it does refelect the attitude of all people on the campus.

    Point is you dont have to protest, or object to wrongs, you can sit back happy and lazy, Mr. Buck Buck will take care of the rest.

  • At 1:57 PM, Blogger Sonnyredd said…

    You can also take actions that don't involve a protest. We ain't there to protest. We're there for degrees. Sometimes we concern ourselves too much with racisim and not enough with our duties. I understand your point, but just understand that there are those who fight the battle using different tactics.

  • At 1:59 PM, Blogger Closet Owner said…

    True,I feel what you are saying.
    I dont disagree.

    I guess I just missed the fight in the original post!


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