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Thursday, November 17, 2005

How real is the Electroverse? I mean how far does the web intricate itself in our regular lives, our real lives. How much of our live have become email, instant messaging, blogs, newsgroups, forums, and even online game play? I wonder if a study is out there that could shed some light on this subject?

How many electronic realms substitute for real communication?

I spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer. My work unfolds as the delicate clatter of keys mark time. In the not to distant past my home was a refuge from the constant computer age we live in. I would come home and devote my life to my family, friends and the other electronic demi-god, The Television. Now I rush home devote the necessary time to family, friends and TV then spend the remaining twilight hours lurking the electronic boulevards and byways of cyberspace. I might play a game online (Solcolm III is a Beast). I spend time searching for music (Legal Downloads Only). I diligently search for information on my favorite football team (Da Saints). Sometimes I fire up the ole messenger and wait for my electronic compatriots to join me!

I can’t remember not having a computer at a job in some form or another. I can’t remember life before e-mail. How did we communicate those oh so important thoughts?

I spend time in this realm devoting time to needs that are not real, to a device that will never return my favors. I have developed a cyber community that exists only through my computer. Would these people I share my thoughts and opinions with be my friend in reality? I can never answer that question, I never met an internet person in real life.

Okay there was this one time when chat rooms were the rage and I ended up meeting a internet person in real life, a meeting that lead to some of the wildest shyte I have ever done. Okay maybe twice. Both times were, kinda off the chain, kinda never again, kinda I cant believe its not butter moments. I will not ever go into those stories.(sliding a femur and radial joint back into the closet)

But how real is this internet? Are these relationships with internet people real. In most cases we have never heard them, seen them, smelled them. We communicate through typed word. A typed language that has an ebonics all to its own. Without the electroverse would we still connect?

Do you are I really care across this keyboard, through this screen, or do we just like getting e-mail and knowing other peoples business. Why is it easier to communicate with people we don’t know, is it because we will never really know them. If I get mad at you I can just block your e-mails and ban you from my blog. If you get mad at me you can do the same.

I guess we need to prepare ourselves for what the future is. We are growing our kids with computers; we use them now like our parents used TVs. They are for education, and entertainment. They can absorb an afternoon, and make you forget to do homework.
But at the end of the day, when the power is off, the computer is there but it has no charm. No personality to make us laugh. No attitude to piss us off. At the end of the day we have shared our lives with a pop up screen, and compose/send button.


  • At 1:37 PM, Blogger Dee said…

    I always wonder what people are REALLY much of their blog is real or made up!!!

    I blog the truth......what's on my journal.

    I have only met one blogger, briefly.

  • At 3:46 PM, Blogger Gunner Kaufman said…

    Nice as usual. While agree with your statement, I have no fear. for while I rush home as well and jump online to meet and read cyberfolks thoughts, I sometimes enjoy real flesh and blood folk. With me its kinda like that CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASIM show where he tells his wife he bought into a restaurant. When she asks why, he responds that it will be fun, he'll be able to walk around and "talk" to people. To which she responds (deadpan) that he doesnt like to talk to people. Without a pause he reminds her, "I dont like talking to people I know, I dont mind talking to strangers". I couldnt agree more. Sometimes its a lot easier to tell a stranger a tale/secret/a thought, where they have only the information that you have choosen to give them. Where as folks that know you, well lets just say they will pull up that shit you did in 1992 and tell you thats why you got got!!

  • At 3:02 PM, Blogger That Girl Tam said…

    I have met MANY people in person that I've met on the Net...guess I'm nosey like that...I wanna make sure they look as good (or as bad) in person!! HAHAHA!

    It's easy to tell people on the net your business because in those moments you're vulnerable - and OPEN...and you're not really worried if they're gonna judge you...well, at least that's MY spin on it.


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