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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Old School Frame of Mind

Guess you can consider me old school. Not just based on the music I enjoy, or the clothes I wear. I really have a methodology that lends it self to a less than modern way of thinking. I don’t feel bad, or out of touch, in fact I think that holding on to these old tenants put me a small step above average/normal society.

During my morning commute, I turned off my Kanye West Late Registration get crunk session, (that brother makes you feel better) and flitted through the local radio stations. I settled on the black/urban station and laughed quietly to the banter ongoing. The topic of the day dealt primarily with the roles that people play in their relationships. The call-ins ranged from women who expected to be taken care of to men who expected to be taking care of.

Now, I did preface this conversation with an overview of my way of thinking, Old School, but now let me break it down. When I speak of old school I am not talking bout James Evans “Kitchen and the Bedroom, Kitchen and the bedroom kind of mentality. I truly believe that the more we recognize the different needs and natures of men and women, the better we get along. I guess it sounds almost like the cultural diversity argument. The more we know about the opposite sex the better we relate. Hell the more we know about people the better we relate.

To that extent I was disappointed with almost every call in.

Some women proclaimed to detest dependence and suggest that a self-sufficiency is the only way to be. This is also called the “I don’t need a man” argument. While it is true that being self-sufficient is a desirable trait, I could think of several more traits, that if achieved would defiantly best sufficiency. Loving and open comes to mind, smart, and intuitive comes to mind. Accepting and honest tops the list. Besides who wants to be alone, man or woman. So while you don’t need a man to live, you do need relationships to make living worthwhile. Not a slam on single woman or men, just my honest old school opinion.

Some men actually called and insulted themselves by suggesting that women are only good for sex and domestic duties. Both are important, but why do blind men profess to see the most?
“Give you an example, what would be the point in having Target if all I purchased was soap. I never even search the else or spend idle time viewing the latest gadgets. I go in and buy soap. The Target remains a shopping marvel but I limit myself by only purchasing Soap. Other analogies include having a Corvette and driving 40mph, making love with the lights off, only listing to the first track of a CD.
Women are so awesome, truly more so than men. Taking aside my natural bias, look at the facts. Women can have babies and feed them!!!! That in itself is, “Nuff Said!” but I will add, they nurture us. They accept us, and only require our love, loyalty, and fidelity. (Shyte like that aint everything!). Their complexity beyond their sex is what makes women, women. Any brother that doesn’t see that is probably immature or merely disguising some less than masculine attributes. Funniest thing I heard last night was a comment by a Doctor of some sort, who suggested that the sexual fantasy of being with two women really speaks more of a mans desire not to disappoint, and less than true sexually prowess. I guess if two others are in the bed it aint his fault if shyte don’t end in orgasmic delight.

The rest of the callers equally disappoint. Women who believe that their sex is enough to keep them paid and pampered. Yeah right, Juicy abounds just look around; every woman you see has one. Now if you are suggesting that all you will have to do is whatever it takes sexually to please your man, doesn’t that just make you an ordinary ho.
And right along with this misinformed cadre are the men who think dollars will get her and keep her. Just be forewarned, unless you are Bill Gates or some Sheik Abdul in the Middle East, you are destined for failure.

Then the brother that professes to be a PIMP. Laughable at best. I have never seen anyone that is more proud of mistreating people than a Pimp. I guess that is why most publicaly recognized Pimps attire themselves so lavishly. These Dap daddies cock and strut with the best of them, them that have self loathing, and no self esteem. Yeah you a pimp allright brother usa pimp.

Well, I gave up on listening to these poor lost souls. I cranked up my Mr. West and called my Momma and apologized for acting ignorant for all those years. See track #16.


  • At 2:23 PM, Blogger Dee said…

    I need to go get "late registration"

    I know there are some sad sould out there!!!!

    that's why i'm single!!!!

  • At 7:34 PM, Blogger Gunner Kaufman said…

    As I have demonstrated in my prior posts...I love them, I hate them, I adore them, and one day im gonna buy enough property to bury a few of them. But until then, they are the very reason we weak mortal men do everything we do in this world. For them to notice us. Sadly, we live in a world that has destroyed so many of our minds, both male and female, that many of us suffer from a serious case of role reversal. Keep your head up though...the diamonds always shine brightest. Kinda like truth, in the sense that it will always light the darkenss. Ya dig?

  • At 12:00 AM, Blogger souffle said…

    great post...

  • At 7:20 AM, Blogger Georgiapeach said…

    *Good points.
    *I would think that a man who believes a woman is only good for the kitchen and bedroom are quite lonely as well.
    *I love your example. Made me laugh.
    * Very nice post. I am glad to see that there is stil a decent man out there. I love your blog title by the way, very true and unique. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it. See ya soon :).


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