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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No Gnus is Good Gnus with Gary Gnu

Did anybody else watch a TV show called the Great Space Coaster.

Man my child hood was the bomb! I have to remember to post on that later.

I don’t have a lot of time today. I am feeling really expressive and artistic. I think I am going to stop by a poetry reading tonight. I think they do some slams on Wed. I wrote some stuff so I might have to get on stage.

I just finished watching my Gov. on the TV in front of Congress on some Hurricane Katrina shyte. She got handled badly. I just don’t get the purpose of those hearings. Do they want to stand in judgment of the response, or fix the damn problems? They need to call my azz and I will set that shyte straight.

They were so condescending to her, I got upset, and after all she is my governor. These MFs from other parts of the Country staring down at her like she is so beneath them. Shyte she might be incompetent but so are all politicians. Beside incompetence is what politics are about.

Gov Blanco is better than me cause I would have razzle-dazzled that whole hearing.

Senator Jack Ass from the state of White America: “So you mean to tell me Governor Cunningham all the bus drivers evacuated.”

Gov. Closet Owner: “Yeah doc, it was a huge as Hurricane headed our way, so niggas was getting outta dodge.”

Senator Jack: “So why didn’t you evacuate all those people left behind.”

Gov Closet Owner: “Shyte, man I told everybody to leave. I was on the radio, on the TV, I told everybody leave now. I would have put it in the newspaper but you know niggas don’t read.
I told them it was going to be they azz if they stayed behind. Then I broke north. I got family and people so I was good. When I found out people stayed behind I was kinda like Florida on Good Times.”

Senator Jack: “What?!?!”

Gov. C.: “Damn Damn Damn. Never mind, I called my boys and even two wayed the President.”

Senator Jack: “But what did you do to rescue the people.”

Gov. C.: “You going to let me talk, cause if you not going to let me talk, I just aint going say nothing at all.”

Senator Jack: “ Sir, we are trying to get to the bottom of this!”

Gov. C: “The bottom, okay…Hurricane Katrina came and fucked up my city. Niggas was everywhere. Hanging out of windows, jacking cars, lootin Wal-Mart. Because they were black we couldn’t get the Feds to come and rescue shyte. Ya boy George was sitting with his thumb up his azz, as usual, trying to figure out a way to turn a dollar on this whole issue.
Look my state is poor, to begin with. We didn’t have the resources to save our selves. We asked for help and it was like a fart in the wind, every body heard it but nobody was affected.”

Senator Jack: “So you couldn’t save your own citizens.”

GOV. Closet Owner: Awe too hell with this!!!!….(Grabbing the table and flipping it on its side as he darts for the main door, papers fly everywhere. The senators react with shcok and horror. From the hallway you hear Gov Closet Owner defiantly yell.)


And that is called the razzle-dazzle!


  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger That Girl Tam said…


  • At 11:55 AM, Blogger Serenity23 said…

    It has been a long time since I've agreed with you, but you are right on point this time. I am always wondering why they wanted to do this. When i saw something like this a couple weeks ago, they were questioning evacuees. I was wondering why they needed to do this. I mean the hurricane is over and what can they do now? Just plan better next time.

  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Dee said…

    "niggas don't read" LOL

    "you gonna let me talk? cause if you're not, I'm not going to say nothing at all" too dam funny!!!

    no you didn't flip the table that's GANGSTA!!!!

  • At 2:41 PM, Blogger Georgiapeach said…

    Gov. C.: “You going to let me talk, cause if you not going to let me talk, I just aint going say nothing at all.”

    Aww shit. This was so funny. Especially when Gov C. flipped the damn table over. This was a very good post. So you believe your govenor reacted the right way to Katrina.

  • At 2:55 PM, Blogger Closet Owner said…

    No but, no one did, not even the people in New Orleans. Not even the people who sat at home and wtched it on TV. there is no correct response for this type of biblical event.Peopel did the best they could, and hindsight is allways 20/20.
    This has never happened before and god willing it will never happen again. lets just learn from a bad situation and move forward.

  • At 7:42 PM, Blogger Georgiapeach said…

    Wow, I definitely respect that. I had no idea that your state felt that way.

  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger Sepiatonz said…

    LOL...Great Space Coasters. I forgot all about that show. It's funny how things come rushing back to you...let me see if I can remember. "Great space coasters, get on board for the great space coasters off we go. Come along step inside roaring for a magic ride going toward the other side, where only rainbows hide...."

    I need a life. But hey all of those lyrics just came back after 20+ years of not even remember that show. I'm 33 now:)

  • At 6:43 AM, Blogger Closet Owner said…

    @Sep Hell yeah...thats what I am talking about!

  • At 7:23 AM, Blogger African girl, American world said…

    OMG! I remember that show and the way they used to say it...I watched it in Africa. We used to clown this one guy in school and called him that :) Thanks for the memory!

  • At 10:34 AM, Blogger That Girl Tam said…

    Aiight Sepiatonz...I'm 33 too and you got me over here feelin old an'


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