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Friday, July 29, 2005

A point

Busy making history.

Now that I have a moment let me trip ya out on this one.

Some unlisted site banned me from posting a comment.

Ha, it was kinda funny at first. Then it was hilarious later on. I eventually chided it all to a poor misguided female. Hence the topic of the day was going to be poor misguided females, but out of an exercise of caution, a feat formerly not practiced by yours truly, I defer that whole matter to the merits.

Instead I think I will tell yall about my little trips into blog la la land. Most of you may have seen my responses posted all over the blogscape. I spend a good portion of my “writing time” reviewing and checking the blogsphere for good writers, interesting topics, and blogged out pages.

Now in an effort to protect the easily offended, I shall not name names or point fingers. Some people truly can write. I mean I can read something about absolutely nothing and enjoy the five minutes of idle thought time. To the converse I can read a maddening rant so far off the mark that it simply bares a response. To which I respond.

Now, the meat of the matter is this. Don’t blog if you can’t accept responses.

SideNote: Damn, I said I want going to get into this…changing the subject.

I have to suggest that if A person is not truly familiar with the subject matter pure conjecture is pointless. I like to read, and I will read post after post of story, history recounted, daily journal, and the original rant!

If you write a story, good. I enjoy a good read. Make sure you got ya spelling worked out and your tenses and everything is everything. These blogs are good for passing idle time. The responses are seldom controversial even if the story is.
A “Good Story”…or “ROFL” are the comments one is likely to receive.

SideNote: I especially like those f*ck stories written by women. I believe it lets me into the female mind for a second, and believe you me I am taking notes.

If you post a little history recounted, great. Those reads are cool too. See, most of us in this portion of the blogworld are of the same age. Now we do all come from different backgrounds but we all share summer Dixie Cups (aka hucka bucks…aka frozen cups), pickles and peppermints, kool-aid (favorite flavor is RED) and jellies, G.I. Joe, HeMan, Care Bears, and the Smurfs, the A-Team, Nintendo, Vanessa Williams, and the Rainbow Coalition.

SideNote: I named Vanessa because when she won that Miss America or whatever, that shyte changed how most of us looked at each other. People really need to recognize that slight achievement, because even more important was the “fall from grace”. That was just letting yall who forgot know how them folks will do ya. Besides that was the first time I made a conscience effort to get a playboy magazine.

The daily journal aint really my thing. You have to live one hell of a life to make the daily journal really interesting. Now I will give it to some of you whos lives are so “CONFUSED” that the journal thing actually runs Soap Opera-ish. Truly a stay tuned for more kinda deal.

Now for my favorite post. THE RANT!

It is nothing like reading some angry blogger on a tirade. The better the writer the better the rant. The angrier the subject matter the better the rant. The rant is designed and does bear the sole of the writer. It exposes all the foibles and the eccentricities of the writer. Highlights the writers own weakness in dealing with certain issues that naturally occur in the environment. Whether its fear, anger, rage, helplessness, hopelessness, depression, or stupidity…We Rant!

One thing a rant will do is garner a fair share of responses. I understand that the blog world seems catered to the feminine expressive side of our minds. And I truly believe that women tend to be the majority shareholders in this altered electronic reality. But…
If you can’t deal with responses don’t post.

SideNote: I said I wasn’t going there…I wont…I want to but it will serve no purpose. I am resigned to understand that persons, even those who portend to be open and expressive, are really just electronic bullies suppressing the truth on their blog pages as they suppress the truth in their lives.

Nuff for today. The good news is…The Saints start preseason practice TODAY!