Skeletons in my closet

The silent running dialogue that I often have with myself.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Dangone Friday

Not really much to talk about today. I have not been posting lately because I am fighting with the ex-wife, work is getting a little complicated, on the hunt for a new gig.

Filed my custody petition, set myself with legal custody until our hearing in September.
Don’t really know how I feel about all of this. I don’t like conflict. I know it sounds like I am in the wrong profession, but legal conflicts have rules. Parties are named, positions are taking, legal procedure is followed.

Personal conflicts have no rules. Don’t really name who all will be affected. You never ever really know why are the what for things happen. Ever person involved is affected. I bite my tongue, I scratch my head, I sleep lightly. I have held limited and dedicated talks with Baby Girl in regards to this matter. I am careful not to cast any negative light on my EX.

SideNote: My ex has fully involved Baby Girl in this on her end. Asking her to make decisions that no little girl should be forced to make. Her skill at casting a negative shadow over the last half of baby girls life are quickly eviscerated. She aint fooling anybody.

Moving on it is official, MY job is easy, it does not challenge me anymore, I can do this in my sleep. I like it but don’t love it. I like the people I work with. They encumber my time. In a nutshell it is time for me to move on. Just finished making history and now its time to move in a new direction.

What do we do next. When I finished school I just wanted to practice. Didn’t want to work for anyone. I wanted to do my own thing. But even a wise man may have once been a fool. Wisdom comes from learning, life. I jumped in the deep end of the pool and realized that this shyte is deep. Damn, let me get to the shallow end, learn on someone else’s dime. Not make mistakes that will get me in trouble…trouble…trouble.

SideNote: Less yall know, my profession aint really loved by one and all. We are kinda like dentist; everyone hates us…until they need us…then they want the best one of us they can find. They want us to have the exact qualities that they loathe in public, but crave personally in private. They cracking heads around this piece. AND it is real. I didn’t come here to be sent home.

So my next move will truly be the other side of the fence. Hang on, it promises to be a interesting ride. I promise to keep you posted. The change is on the horizon.

Quick note….That chick Ciara was on good GMA. Dang! That’s straight up mainstream. Has she jumped tracks? Okay I know that black America mean platinum, but white America means movie deals.

Is it just me, or is she a taller version of Aaliyah. Same kinda dance moves. Same kinda “can she sing voice”, hooked up with the same production crew.

SideNote: I think she cute, but dangone does she ever show her legs. What’s up with dem army pants joints. Hey, lets see some legs. Plus her hair seemed a little shot.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hotter than the Crack of a Fat Mans AZZ!!!

I actually literally played hooky yesterday (Monday). Yes I went fishing. First time in years. Did pretty good in fact!

Only things of note were:
It was the hottest I have ever been in my life. (I wanted to die between 12:00-1:00pm)
If I am not available by cell phone 24/7 the world will fall of its axis and spin into the cold reaches of space.

Speaking of the heat. I have never felt that kinda heat. I used to think I was a pretty tough dude. Thought I could withstand a little harshness. Shyte, I am a straight B I T C H when it comes to that South Louisiana Summer Sun. Damn. I soaked through my clothes, and I am not even a person that sweats. I was dehydrated. I was tired. I thought my heart was beating too hard. I was ready to die.

I did catch some fish, a couple of Bass, and a lot of Perch aka Brim and White Perch aka Paper Mouths. I think these were all the names of the fish at least that is what my guide aka my Barber.

SideNote: My Barber tried to kill me out there I think. He was laughing while I was dying. The Shyte wasn’t funny! I doubt he will take me fishing with him again. In fact on the way home he said, “You aint never coming with me again, huh?” I told that I would holler at him in October.

Speaking of the cell phone issue. Okay, it was my fault for not telling everyone in advance, but I did call the office and leave a message on the voice mail at 4:13AM. No one checked the voice mail.
My cell could not catch a single out in the vast wilderness. I mean I was really back to nature. So since I never miss work, everyone thought I had been kidnapped or I was dead in the ditch somewhere. Calling my wife and shyte, damn! My Wife knew i was going fishing but she didnt know if I told The Office. So she was watching my back by playing the dumb role. She said they sounded pissed because she wasnt worried.

Even my dear ole Dad was searching for me, and I told is forgetful azz that i would be out of pocket on Monday.

SideNote: Since I been doing this gig (2 years), which was supposed to just be a temporary stop on the career highlight reel, I have been here at least once everyday. I did miss 2 weeks for my wedding and honeymoon in December. Oh and I had the flu for a week in February. Other than those two times my ass has dotted this door, this seat, this office for two years. Damn I miss school.

No real point to this story. Except please note that I am not a Viking when it comes to the HEAT.

Oh, and who knew that there are still places in the Northern Hemisphere that don’t have cell phone coverage. I am switching to Verizon.

Ps.If I don’t answer my cell just leave a message. I AINT DEAD!!!!