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Friday, November 11, 2005

Not another Rant!

I am on a different tip today.

I am having a hard time understanding the evacuee phenomenon.

I live in a city that is probably second only to New Orleans in suffering from Katrina wrath. Now the city itself suffered minimal storm damage. Lights out, some things damages but nothing major, or at least nothing on the New Orleans scale.

Our problem came the months and the weeks after the storm. A city of 300,000 suddenly has 400,000 additional citizens. Overnight we became the largest city in Louisiana. And attitudes were horrible.

Traffic was a mess. Normal roadways were beyond congestion. Traffic clog the city bringing Baton Rouge life to a virtual standstill. Rush hour traffic stretched from 7am-9am and 3-6pm to the unforgiving 6-10am 2-7pm. Every venture from home was met by back to back traffic for miles on every major corridor in the city. Attitudes were horrible.

Shopping was horrible. If you made it to the mall, or toWal-Mart, or to Albertsons, you were adversarialy met, and then defeated by blows of shelves absent the necessities of life. Could not even find Camilla Redbeans….THIS IS SOUTH LOUISIANA! Attitudes were horrible.

Weak Schools were subjected to an influx of unprepared, unwilling, and disenfranchised students. Classes were added, class rooms already at the brink were restructured reinforced, and added to. We change testing requirements! The sentiment was there buut the attitudes were horrible.

For the uninformed: New Orleans is a proud culturally rich city. Run back blacks, populated by blacks. The major economy is tourism. The majority of the people employed work in the service industry. The working poor abound. But se bon ton roulette.

Further more the arrogance that comes from New Orleans is astounding. Some people in this city have never left their burrow, or city. Some have been to Africa and Europe six times but couldn’t tell you where or what Shreveport is! It is kinda “I would rather be poor in New Orleans than just be anywhere else ”.

So to make it short, New Orleaners are simply contemptuous about every one else in Louisiana. We the sticks they the city, the state would not exist but for New Orleans.

A truer statement is the state would exist, but we would be more like Idaho, or Nebraska.

Over time, with improvements to the roads, traffic got better. Plus people left the city, or went home. Our population dropped.

Over time the stores, managed their shelves better, increased orders, and hired additional staff.

Over time the schools did what they always do, respond to the needs of the people. They struggle but always manage.

Attitudes stayed a mess. The only thing that has stayed if not grown is the rival nature of the people of these two cities. I don’t get it. Baton Rouge hates New Orleans more than ever. I hoped, envisioned, dreamed of a new day for SouthEast Louisiana. I envisioned southeast Louisiana with a united stronger economy. I envisioned a southeast Louisiana with a united diverse populace.

SOS….Same Ole Shyte!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Flags, Freedom, Slavery, All that!

This started as a response to a post by a friend, it ended here.

Well, freedoms, rights, hmmm.

I understand your point, but I beg to differ. For a person to use the freedom of speech argument to thinly veil a racist agenda, I have a problem.

Everyone has to recognize the truth for what it is. It is not a freedom of speech argument it is racism. These people who suggest wanting to have ties with there Southern past, their “Roots” (pardon the pun), are lying to our faces.

How can you want to relieve your past and hold on to your Southern roots when those roots include vile and disgusting acts. The confederate flag merely marks a time when the South refused to honor the covenants of the Union of America. There were many issues that caused this split and dissension, but one main area was Slavery.

You want to claim your rich a glorious southern past. Claim it all then. Claim your ancestors part in Slavery. Slavery is as much if not more a part of the South’s History as gentleman charms, sweeping oaks, and an agricultural legacy. If that is what you claim, then cool pay reparations bitch! In fact I will go further to suggest that but for slavery the South would not be half the civilized, productive, and influential region of the Country that it is today.

Before the industrial revolution, large areas of land could not be maintained without large workforces. However, farming is not the most profit intensive venture, especially staple farming. In order for commercial farming to succeed there had to be a different set up. In essence farmers could only succeed in one of three ways.
1. Have a large family (to work the farm)
2. Grow items that could be directly consumed to support
the farmer himself.
a. vegetables, and staples would fall in this category,
3. Garner a large workforce, pay them little to nothing in
wages, and secure their employment through legislation, and

In case you missed it that last one is also know as SLAVERY. Also could be called Migrant workers, but that is another story.

So if the freedom you wish to express sets heavily on the torture, rape, inhumanity, then please don’t be offended by adjectives like, cracker, racist, red neck azz bubba.

I will for the record admit that I didn’t attend the march. I well believe that Marching had its purpose, and achieved many goals. But if you want to show people you mean business, if you really want to make these kinda people understand, hit them where it really hurts. There pockets.

Leave LSU. You were never wanted there in the first place. But now that the cat is out of the bag…leave. Spend your going to college dollars elsewhere. Dont by LSU stuff, dont support the LSU Alumni. Go to a black university, or at least a university that respects all of its students. They don’t respect the black student population at all. Yeah they need ya for football and basketball, but you pose no force academically. You non-atheletes are expendable.

Don’t believe me, try making a flag demonstrating anti-Jewish sentiment (swastika). Or better yet, start a group and flag for people sympathizing with the Muslim Arab plight in the World. Tell them your original people where from Muslim religious areas and you are just supporting your true heritage.

It is kinda a shame though. Even blacks confined to a small area, with similar purposes, for four years lack solidarity. The least you could have done, even if you didn’t support there cause, is not display acts that show your non-support. BBQ, Hip-Hop music, in the face of protest to protect your rights. Well I guess yall gave them that round. Wonder why they call ya nigga? See above!