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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On some different shyte!

V-Day went nice.

Thanks to Mary it didn’t end with a bang, but ode the well. I shall not linger on things in the past.

I thought it would be a good idea to do New Years Resolution Update. I know it has only been 2 months but one must be a student to get the best grades.

I don’t know what that meant. I went all Confushas for a moment.

Speaking of grades, my daughter’s friends are all lummoxes. Not a smart one in the bunch. This along with other things is a reason to put my daughter in private school. One of the girls was telling me that her mom was happy that she pulled an ‘F’ up to a ‘D’!

First off who is happy with a D in any circumstances? Isn’t a D still like failing! Second, what the hell happened to the ‘E’? I mean really, A, B, C, D,…..F. What gives? Why did the E get left out of the grade scale? This shyte bothers me because I have no real answer as to why! I mean if you know please tell me!

Did E have a bad agent, a bad PR team who failed to get him in? E needs to fire his people cause that shyte is really a mix up. Imagine a scale of 1 to 5 but don’t include the number 4. That shyte just would be strange.

Besides do we really need a ‘D’ and ‘F’? Aren’t both considered failing. ‘D’ just means you aint the dumbest, and ‘F’ mean you are a failure. To much going on with that.

Okay I am setting the caffeine down now!

The Job Hunt continues, I realize that what I am attempting to do is a long and arduous process. Keep wishing me luck, and keep in mind that my demands are reasonable.

On the boy front, he grows and prospers. He has my wife and my daughter, and no one is left too give me the attention that I need and deserve.

I am still riding the bike and I am trimming the belly nicely. It is time for me to up the ante a little in this regard. I have hit a wall and I need to push my self past it. My weight isn’t really dropping but the good note is I put on a pair of my old boxers this morning and they fit without being skin tight.

The Guitar has suffered a little. I think I got a little bit to complacent with my awesome progress and eased off the practice. But I shall turn that tide again starting this week.

I have been wrapped up in this computer DVD thing. The information on this shyte is unbelievable. Technology is moving quickly. From mobile phones with MP3 players to Blu-Ray the next step in home video technology.

I joined NetFlix and I get the 3 movies at a time…. But I can’t think of any good movies to get. I am a movie collection person and I love to collect movies. Not saying that I am copying DVDs from NetFlix because that would be illegal. But if you were trying to do it, try AnyDVD and Clone DVD to get you started. And has a lot of information for people to absorb and use.

I need the names of some good movies people. I can't think of any right now! Action drama, thriller, please post a list of movies that you liked. Old and new!

Oh well Got to go…holler!


  • At 10:51 AM, Blogger P said…

    CO: Three things:

    One, I don't get it. Back when I was in school, we would be sweating bullets bringing home a "D" in ANYTHING. And a "C" was questionable, depending on how your parents thought you were sloshing off.

    Two: Netflix is the bomb. Just do a search, and then put the movies in your quere, you'll get used to it, but I love it. Tam hipped me to it. And the movies come quick, too!

    Three: Best wishes on the job hunt. I'm in the same boat, looking, looking, looking. I can't get past the second interview. Must be the shoes.

  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger African girl, American world said…

    ok I'm not abandoing your spot, I tried forever to post yerterday and blogger was blogger acting a foolywang and here I am.

    I hope V-day lunch went well :)

    You're a fool for contemplating E so long and bringing in agents and PR people, you're such a trip.

    I have hit a wall too and have upped the ante...I hope that damn numner on the scale moves soon!

    We all know how you feel about my kind of movies but we did agree on She Hate Me so let me get my list together and see if out of 77 movies in my queue, you like 1 :)

    And good thing about Netflix is that when you put in a movie, it gives you similar movies to help your search, I've had it for 2 weeks and yes my queue is at 77!

  • At 9:38 AM, Blogger Dee said…

    I feel you on the D!!!! It took my oldest son 3 times and a gazillion ass whoopins and a couple of beat downs to realize that D is not tolerated!!!!!!

  • At 1:03 PM, Blogger That Girl Tam said…

    Ok, TMI about how your boxers fit...not sure I wanted to know that!! HAHAHAHA But sounds like you're on the right

  • At 6:35 PM, Blogger candyfortheteacher said…

    OK as a teacher there is a reason for the E missing... but I don't know why. They didn't teach us that in college. Maybe I'll use that as my topic for research as I am working on my masters.

    Grades..truly they are irrelavent. They problem is kids tend to associate who they are with their grade. Better or worst than another. The bad part this works in reverse. Some kids think the worse the grade the more rebelious, cool, and whatever the current word is for hip. They use that as the basis for theur bad behavior that gets them all the attention. Boys and girls. You know what they say everygirl crazt bout a rebelious guy that doesn't play by the rules.

    That is my philosophical platform for the day - maybe the week.

    Good luck on the job hunt.

  • At 3:39 PM, Blogger sj-the-infamous said…

    Yanno, the first time I ever heard "D" stands for "Done" and thus is considered passing was that institution of higher learning that pays my bills. Shame....

    I was a Netflix groupie at one time. Couldn't send movies back fast enough. Nowadays I am lucky to get more than 5 a month -- who has that kinda time?! My queue is posted on 360....I'm not a "thiller" kinda gal, but me like drama LOLOL

  • At 7:38 PM, Blogger Serenity23 said…

    I'm mad you still possess some boxers that were at one point skin tight. Shouldn't you have thrown those out.. Or did you just say to heck with it and decided to go without... Niggas!

  • At 1:31 AM, Blogger Manikandan said…

    I had my first headhunt in the curikudos job fair held in 2006. And now i think its time to switch over. Can some one let me know when the job fair starts again.


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