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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Coming Soon!

Coming this Friday.

A story that needs to be told.

A story that must be completed.

A story of one mans life.

Read in horror and disbelief at the shocking revelations that will shake you to your core.

Read in admiration as one-man triumphs over the natural forces of evil, natural forces that must sit down to pee!

Read in pity as one man falls victim to the trappings of femininity only to be utterly laid to waste by those very same trappings.

Ask yourself, “How can one man be so pitiful and ingenious at the same time!”

John Segal of GMA said, “ It was a celebration of life, and love, and living again, a definite must read!

Mike Porter of Seattle Times said, “I never thought a story could move me that way…I was wrong!”

Jean Landry of the Sugar Ditch Express exclaimed “Kudos!”

Adrian Helter of the Detroit Free Press announced “A true story of a boy becoming a man then that man becoming THE MAN!”

Mike Smith of the Lafayette Plain Dealer proclaimed, “I just can’t wait for the movie!”

Alfred McComb of the Baton Rouge Times, “That shyte was long, so I stopped reading. But later I read the rest.”

Greg Stein “Dat nigga was a bitch, but he cool now…what story yall taking about”

Stay tuned, all questions will be answered, all mysteries solved.



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