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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Hits

I was wondering how long it would last, but finally white folks took the Grammy’s back.

This was the first time in a while that I watched the Grammy’s and didn’t see a majority of Hip Hop and R&B and Pop dominate the awards and the performances.

The last three or four years the Grammy’s have been a showcase for new Hip-Hop/R&B talent, with the Rock song at the beginning and the Country Song in the middle and the allstar crazy sounding tribute at the end.

This year Started White and stayed white with a couple of sprinkles of black, and ended with a white interpretation of one of the coldest New Orleans born music creators in history.

With that said, yall can understand why the Grammy’s was so boring. Yeah I like Kanye and Jamie, and John Legend was cool, but overall I give this year a ‘C’ on the five point letter scale.

Speaking of Grammy’s

Isnt Madonna like a Grandmother at 50 or something. Why does she have an ass of an 15 year old boy. Nah, I mean for real, I get being in shape but that shyte was scary…money will do it.

Okay, did somebody tell Ciara(sp) that she could sing. I thought she was hip-hop rapper type. Trying to lay vocals with MFs that can sing. That shyte was funny. But I have to give her props on dressing like a girl for the first time. And lo and behold the broad is fine. Model look with black girl thighs, my absolute favorite.

Okay and last hit on the Grammy's, Fantasia is fine...yeah she a straight chicken head but girl body is nice.

Okay really last hit on the Grammy's how the phuck U2 winning shyte off an album that old. Come the phuck on people. Well anyway, I didnt dig most of the people nominated. Where was GreenDay, Gorillaz, Maroon 5, Bun B, Little Wayne, Javier, and the list goes on and on.

Okay...sorry...this is freedom of thought writing...last hit on the Grammys...who would believe an American Idol winning 2 Grams...damn AI representing. Gives Paula, Simon, and Randy some cred..I guess.

Really the last cause I got to go. Did yall see Randy, Patrice Rushin, I forgot the black guy on lead guitar, and some other really famous musicians playing in the band all night.

I have been on a download binge lately. I am feeling this new or old
Torrent download system, the shyte is quick. I am not really scared of being caught because I have my defense all mapped out.

I just started burning movies also. Yeah, shyte is a little time consuming but I figure in the long run it beats buying them out the store. My only prob is I like having the case and the collection. It just makes me feel good to have the jacket and the info. I guess I am just a collector.

Don’t really have much to say, so I will holler atcha later.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday Hits

I just want yall to note that I had the option of doing work this morning but I chose to blog.

With that said let me get to blogging.

Topic 1:
Man the Muslims puzzle me. And yes I am stereotyping a group of people based on the actions of some. But on further examination, I don’t think it is a stereotype any longer. The Muslim world is deserving of a lot of the negative reaction they are getting and will get for many years to come.

I can start at the latest example of religious extremism that is sweeping the Arab world. I am not one to be fooled easily by propaganda or the media; this “sweeping the Arab world” is real! I didn’t believe it at first until one of my trips into blog land discovered an underground support of these religious zealots. An underground support that got me to thinking, “Is it so hard to believe that all these Muslim people are crazy.”

Some poor dude from the Netherlands did a cartoon that got published. I have seen the cartoon, its not even that good, not even really funny or poignant. However, this poor guy, I think he was from the Netherlands which means he is probably some pale pasty nerdy guy sitting at his desk at home scribbling feverously on a sketch pad no doubt smoking a joint.

Again some Netherlands People stereotyping…I am on a roll

This simple cartoon has lead to deaths, injuries, arson, and decrees of murder. What the hell? (Purgatory, Third Life, Reincarnation as Roach and whatever your religious flavors judgment of hell is!) I am aware that free speech is not a universal privilege. And I am even more aware that religious tolerance is dispensed in increasingly smaller amounts, but a damn cartoon. Is that a reason to take to the streets, throw rocks, set fires and further increase the price of oil.

Wow, lets take a journey through time and see a little more into the Muslim world.

2005 Subway Bombing…England gets kicked in the face for… I guess masterminding the whole global imperialization thing back in the 1500-1600’s

2004 Train Bombing… Spain gets kicked in the face for….I guess discovering the new world and placing it in a position for global dominance.

2003-2001 Hotel Bombings…Indonesia or some 3rd World Country gets kicked in the teeth…I guess for being a bastion of indulgence for the infidels.

9/11 A Terrorist action against the Good Ole USA, first time we were attacked on our own soil during a time of peace… I guess for being a bastion of infidels.

1998 Embassy bombings in Africa 1998.

1988 Pan Am Flight 103 Blown Up

1983 US Embassy bombing in Beirut

Olympics Hostage Crisis in 1972

Pan AM Flight Hijacked into Cairo in 1970.

Various Street Bombings, Roadside Bombs, beheadings, … Destructions of their own people, destruction of their own land. I could go further in History back to ancient times, and we could discuss the Armies of Muslims that participated in Genocide Wars across eons of time and miles of land. But most religions have participated in some actions that are less then favorable in more uncivilized times.

Except maybe Black Southern Baptist. Maybe its because we are relatively new, or not in positions of control. Maybe white Southern Baptist had a hand in increasing the prevalence of slavery, but us black southern Baptist have had little hand in wholesale worldwide destruction. Shyte, 3 hrs of church on Sunday in the summer in full regalia ought to considered acts of torture. Throw in BTU (Baptist Training Union) and VBS (Vacation Bible School) and that might well be a declaration of war!

I will admit that my terrorist timeline was brief, just a snapshot into the history of a rich a varied culture and religion. And I am aware that I am missing a vast and generous culture that brought trade, commerce, and many customs and traditions to the world…but like Janet Said: “ What have you done for me lately!” To suggest that this religion could be boiled down to several hundred acts of cowardice of the last few years is a laughable presumption. For the Media to portray the Islamic people in that light is unfathomable. It just aint right…Or is it?

I watch in horror as people celebrated in the streets after 9/11. After bombings and beheadings, I watched people step forward and pronounce a hatred against me and a love for a god that I don’t know and don’t want to know? (These Towel Head Sand Nigga don’t know me!)

Not one time did any Islamic Country or group take to the streets in out-right protest over the actions of a FEW RADICAL EXTREMISTS. Too the contrary they were exalted and rejoiced by the majority.

After these continued images of jubilation, exhalation and joy by the Muslim world inundated our homes, at our most trying depressed moments, expect to be hated. Expect to be despised. Even I, in full knowledge of the atrocities that this country is capable of, hold this country far ahead of the continued cowardice, arrogance, and ignorance that the Muslim world displays. The fact that a cartoonist depiction of the Islamic God is a greater source of anger than the death of thousands of people over the years at Islamic Fundamentalist Hands speaks volumes of Muslim people.

Then I hear the back and fourth in blogland about religion. I hate to say that I see some intolerance on a lot of peoples parts. After reading a few of you guys I imagine I could one day see you in Walmart with 12 lbs of C-4 strapped to your chest.

I love tollerance. Yeah it leads to some luke warm people, but is shore doesnt lead to Hijacking Planes. And Scaring the shyte out of some nerdy, pasty pale dobbie smoking guy from the Netherlands.