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Monday, February 27, 2006

Quick Hit

The bitch spit on the girl at the end of the Flavor of Love Episode Eight. You have got to check this shyte out. The shyte was so real, and I know yall done heard me say it before. The worse you can do to a black woman is spit in her hair.

I don’t know what post I had that discussion. I tried to look it up but well, it is a holiday technically down here in south Louisiana….


Get like us.

Anyway, I just had to talk about the spitting incident. This white chick got bumped of Flava’s show and she went off. She spit in a black womans faces. Not a surface spit either. This was a back of the throat, flem action. I was like dang!!!!!!

Three points:

1. This Hoes are really flipping for Flavva. If not they are the best actors in the world, and woman can never be trusted.
2. Flav seems wild-n-out, but I bet if you calmed dat nigga down he would be kinda cool. By the way dude is 46, c’mon, that is so sad on so many levels.
3. Hoops body is so killer. Dat chic would get some of this.

And I am out; I will send you some beads and shyte. Mardi Gras is war on the parade route.

My life continues after the parades. Oh and how somebody going come to the house for a get together, then leave before telling the host she bouncing. Man that kinda hurt ya boy....I will give you details later.

Need to get some practice in...

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Throw me something!

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