Skeletons in my closet

The silent running dialogue that I often have with myself.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I think I need at least one more day to get warmed up.

The idea of writing again has me juiced, but work has stymied my flow. Seems like I do my best when I should be doing something else, but that is for another time and posting.

I went out last night.

From where I am sitting that statement just caused the heavens to rejoice followed by the tolling of several bells. Yes, I WENT OUT last night. Not just a stop-at-party-grab-a-drink-then-head-home-to-the-lovely-wife. I went out for a night on the town and it was Tuesday.

But what did amaze me is how pitiful everyone is. For the record I have not been out for at least 6mths…give or take. In going out terms that is a lifetime. I have missed several new dances; a whole season of clothing; and the new spot is now the old spot.

Going out for real involves a few things.
1.I took a nap. (So I could be ready to stay out late… any one over 30 should develop this practice.)
2. I got dressed. (Not just jeans and a shirt. I put on some gear!)
3. I left the house late. (Other sign of coming home late… If I leave
at 10:00 and come back at 3:00, I only been gone for 5 hrs.)

A good friend of mine does a party on Tuesday. A party for the “Grown and Sexy”. That is a term that is being overused in my neck of the woods. Every party is only for the Grown and Sexy. I could go on about this but I want to tell you about my night. But quickly, the terms Grown and Sexy are not mutually exclusive. I saw many that were sexy, but not grown, and some that were grown and definitely not sexy.

I came early so I could grab me a spot in the corner furthest from the door, and start my drinking session. The new drink of choice is Crown/Tonic/Soda/2 Lemons. I watched as the lambs came in, bahing all about me. Not one individual, not a single solitary person who decided to come dressed as themselves. Cepting for me and these three flaming homosexuals, who were so over the top it was entertaining. Not the point of the story either, but yall shoulda seen these dudes and they was jamming they azz off.

Back on point.

I saw bout:
43 Kanyes.
22 Jay Zs.
25 Russel Simmons
50 Christina Millians
50 Christina Millians at 40+ years of age
15 Christina Millians who needed to drop bout 15 or more pounds.
4 Guys who wore suits, cause they think that is dressing up
No doubt about it. TV can be deemed a success. We are now officially a Cult of Personality. I getting more thoughts together, so forgive the lack of focus on this post.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Starting Something...again.

My first day back.

Checking the seat, little snugger than I remember, they just don’t make stuff like they used to! (Or failing to keep my New Years resolution of riding that bike is coming back to haunt me!)

My fingers still dance nimbly around the keyboard. These ergonomic keyboards are the stuff of legend, and it was worth the looks as I stole it from the office supply closet.

My typing is disturbed by the constant banter from the secretary. Now that I am deep in thought and creation, my silence seems to invite discourse on her part. I keep typing, it looks like work, so maybe she gets the picture.

The world is such a different place from when I last conversed with all of you. I am sure we have all spent time laughing and crying, watching children grow and loved ones go. The Circle of Life.

For some reason my own mortality rises continually on my level of conscience. I have not left my mark in this world. Yeah, I don’t knocked plenty of heads off, experienced some of the things that life has to offer. But, from a life that has given me so much I have given very little.

So my mood and my tone are somber. The black and white of the monitored type reflects my reality, my mood, and my life. The black and the white.

My mind is swimming with topics. Some are old and now history, some are new and current; some are still on the outer boundaries of my mind waiting to be coalesced into thoughts, ideas, words, sentences, paragraphs, stories or diatribes.

Where should I begin, do I want to provoke thought, OR help someone’s significant other get some tonight.

You tell me, I am back!